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Working with Nancy in this coaching relationship has helped me move forward with a successful career change – living my dream of working part-time, yet making enough money to meet my expenses, plan for retirement, and have fun too. I’ve developed new healthy living habits, including how to spend money in a healthy way and how to save money. I set up a home office, set up a new business, and learned the ropes for being self-employed. Nancy has been a fantastic coach, cheerleader, resource expert and motivator.
Public Policy Analyst

I worked with Nancy for a little over a year focusing on several big life questions. I was wondering about work direction and, in fact left my job midway through our work together. I was wondering about my deep tiredness and developed a practice and philosophy about 'deep rest' in our work together. But the biggest question I had was about Love and how to know it better. I have cultivated a gentleness and compassion for myself and my family and friends that, I believe, has really given me far more access to the love that is available than I knew was possible. Working with Nancy on a weekly basis was gently challenging work that helped me to transform the atmosphere of my life and took me deeper into knowing and trusting myself. I recommend her highly. (By the way, I am working again at a job that fits my pace and energy and values.)

To conserve energy, introverts sometimes choose to observe rather than participate

Being coached by Nancy Okerlund is a remarkable experience. The breadth and depth of her knowledge, versatility, and intuition allows her to tailor her approach to the needs of each client. Her allies are truth, wisdom, humor, skillfulness. They are now my allies too. Working with Nancy has brought me a renewed sense of purpose, and a variety of new perspectives with which to approach my goals.
Professional Writer

I worked with Nancy for 1˝ years during a time that I was in rehabilitation and devastated from a serious physical injury from an accident that left me unable to sit or drive for eight months. I initially entered a coaching relationship with Nancy based on her excellent reputation, because I desperately needed emotional and practical support when I was losing motivation and hope. Nancy has a profound capacity to create a spiritual, compassionate, yet practical and inspiring pathway which enabled me to not only stay motivated but to rebirth myself through this devastating physical injury. As a result of Nancy’s work I have been able to transform and create a new and balanced life that I never imagined possible. My appreciation and gratitude for Nancy is immeasurable.
College Professor

Working with Nancy has been calming and invigorating. Her skill at looking at the bigger picture has helped me develop new perspectives as I change my work at mid-life. The techniques she employs during our sessions together – deep listening, thoughtful and challenging feedback, and constant encouragement reveal her commitment to coaching, and to helping me explore my heart’s desire.

My life was like a potato until I started coaching with Nancy - now it's like a red hot chili pepper!

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