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"Nancy's so authentic, she's just so real. I'm not going to get any bullshit from her and she's not going to pretend to fix anything. And the amount of care and really loving attention that she gives her clients I have no doubt all her clients get the kind of kid glove treatment I do it's like golden treatment."

Access more ease and effectiveness

This page describes Introvert Energy's two services: life coaching and the monthly online newsletter, The Introvert Energizer.

Life coaching

Life coaching sometimes called "personal/professional coaching" is a particular kind of conversation that creates an environment for making changes. It's not counseling or mentoring or consulting or therapy. For more clarification of what coaching isn't, and to see the official International Coach Federation definition of what coaching is, please go to What Co-Active Coaching Isn't.

With the explosion of coaching around the world, many different philosophies and methods have emerged. To get a sense of "co-active coaching", in which I'm trained and certified, please go to Some Key Ideas About Co-Active Coaching.

Introvert Energy coaching includes four main components:

  1. Identifying what you want from coaching
    (From concrete results to vision of whole lifestyle)
  2. Personal tools to maximize strengths and dissolve barriers
    For example:
    • Core values
    • Satisfaction assessment
    • Working with intuition
    • Life habits (to use body, mind, heart, soul well)
    • Self-observation
  3. Action strategies/resources (action in manageable steps)
  4. A climate of accountability, inspiration and focus.
The initial coaching session is 2 hours and in person if possible. With long distance clients, the initial session is usually done in 2 one-hour segments by phone. After the first session, coaching is typically by phone. Sessions may be 30 minutes, 45 minutes or an hour. Frequency may be weekly, bi-weekly, three times a month, monthly, or some other pattern, at the discretion of the client.

Introverts may be very talkative in comfortable surroundings.

What's it like to work with Introvert Energy?
Here are some of my basic assumptions:

People are fundamentally smart, open, and loving. This "brilliant sanity" comes from underneath your personality and your social conditioning. Life works beautifully when you operate from your wise inner self.

"When I did my first session with Nancy I told her it was my year of body wisdom and she just took that and ran with it! It's been quite an experience."

Life Coach

Coaching creates answers and results but they don't come from the coach; they come from the partnership of the client and the coach. It's a personally-customized process. Life coaching is both concrete and non-linear. It's like being in an art studio and the art you're making is your whole life.

Great breakthroughs in our lives generally happen as a result of innumerable small steps and achievements. Coaching provides a consistent environment for new possibilities until they become real. It's hard to maintain momentum alone. The coaching "recipe" of focus, inspiration and accountability makes things happen.

Becoming a "conscious introvert" is a transformative process. Understanding your introvert body and playing to your strengths in this extroverted world gives you natural access to more ease, more effectiveness: life at its best no matter what the challenges truly!

The Introvert Energizer online newsletter

The Introvert Energizer is designed to make introverts a cool subject!

Millions of people have taken the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, which includes good information about introverts and extroverts. Even so,

  1. We don't talk much about it,
  2. The negative stereotypes about introverts continue, and
  3. Most people don't have the new information about the hardwiring of introverts and extroverts. (For example, do you know whose predominant brain pathway is short and whose is long and what difference it makes? Or why it's harder for introverts to move our bodies? Read "Thriving As An Introvert in the 21st Century" for the answers available below.)
The Introvert Energizer, a free service of Introvert Energy, is dedicated to the cultivating of conscious introverts. The world is longing for more introvert energy!

The Introvert Energizer comes monthly. Sign up here and receive a free copy of "Thriving as an Introvert in the 21st Century":

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